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  • Choosing a System

    I have a 4000+ sq foot house plus basement and pool in Long Island, NY. Annual bill last year was $4100. Usage was about 20kwh. Was looking into replacing roof and solar. Apparently a i have s tricky roof.

    I got 3 quotes from 3 local reputable vendors.

    Solaria power XT 360 54 panels
    Enphase inverter
    Cash Price $58500
    System Size 19.44 kW
    Est Prod 23,200kWh
    95% if electric bill

    LG 330 Watt Panels 60 panels
    Enphase microinverters
    Cash Price 59,000 ( apparently 4K rebates can be had if i act soon)
    System size 19.5 kwH
    Production 18,900

    Sunpower XR 370 47 panels
    ? inverters
    Cash price 56,900
    System size 17.8kW
    Est prod 17.7 kwH

    These all have advantages and disadvantages . I also heard Sunpower is super conservative with their estimates .

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    First quote is $3 per kW (Cheapest)
    Second quote is $3.02 per kW
    Sunpower is #3.19 per kW

    They are all using same micro inverter including Sunpower(their version of Enphase). Panel is the only difference. If second quote actually give out 4k rebate, then they will be the cheapest at $2.88 per kW.


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      Both the above posts have errors of possibly 1000 times. I suggest you go
      through carefully and clean up the errors. Bruce Roe