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  • SunRun quote for 2nd system

    I'm looking to install (own) a 2nd system after my first True Up. My electric usage sky rocketed with the addition of electric cars. Here is what SunRun quoted me:

    Cost: $16000
    11 LG 330 Panels
    Solar Edge 3000 Inverter
    5060 kWh/year

    This will include:
    $459 Costco Cash card
    $500 Visa Gift card
    ~$4927 in Incentives

    This seems like a pretty good deal and not sure if I should even bother shopping around more (after all incentives I'm at less than $2 per kWh/year). Anything I should be watching for or worried about?

    I feel like with my first system I just jumped into it, hoping to get some feedback before I pull the trigger on the second system.

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    You are priced at $4.40/w for a 3.63kw system

    also looks like $4,500 in federal incentives as the cash back ( regardles of card or cash) comes out before federal incentive so your cost is $16,000 - $500 - $459 = $15,041 initial cost.
    Federal 30% incentive = $4,512

    $per kWh/y is a poor comparison
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      $4.40 per watt is very exorbitant. Yes they are going to have to do some extra work modifying your elec. service to handle the extra power, but mainly they are taking advantage of you and especially the tax credits. Its not ethical to jack up the price of a solar install to maximize the tax benefits and then give the customer gift cards and bonuses.... And I must say having R & R'd several Sunrun jobs (a year after they installed them on worn out roofs) that Sunrun install quality (here at least) is not good.
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        Sounds like I should keep shopping. $4.40 per watt seems crazy high, shouldn't it be closer to $3?


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          $4.40/STC W for SunRun ? I'll be over to sell you a bridge. After that, forget SunRun, SolarCity, Vivant, anything from a big box dealer. Before you do anything else, buy and read a copy of "Solar Power Your Home for Dummies". 20 bucks or so at bookstores/Amazon. DO NOTHING UNTIL YUO READ IT. Then, find a local electrical contractor who's been in business for at least 10 years and has sold and installed PV for at least 5. You will have a much higher probability of not getting completely screwed and the price will be at least more competitive.

          BTW, unless this will be a ground mount, get your roof inspected and serviced. PV lasts a long time. Roof repairs under an array are a nightmare and never turn out good.