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Western Canada Pricing and panel Brands

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  • Western Canada Pricing and panel Brands

    Hi guys,
    spoke with and they are the closest vendor I can find (i'm around vancouver) that will retail supply some panels and parts for my off-grid setup. They seem to have "Matrix" brand panels and "Longi" brand panels... I'm not overly familiar with either, but I am building an off grid system for occasional use at my cabin and need to get a small stack of 265 or 280W panels (doing 3 cabins total, 2 panels on each).

    Thoughts on the units, or suggestions of a place to get my panels and racking? Looks like their "kinetic" brand racking is about $150 for a 2 panel setup. That seem normal?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention they are charging about $235 CDN for the panels.
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    Check at