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    I'm looking to install a 9 kW system and have gone back and forth between what panels I want to go with. I am pretty set on using SolarEdge inverters, but have a few different options for panels. I'm leaning toward option A because it is the cheapest and seems like it will look the best (plus the installer has good reviews), but there are probably some questions I am forgetting to ask and have not seen this system mentioned here. I'm based out of San Jose, CA and have gotten quotes from every solar installer I could find in the area and this was the best list I could come up with so far.

    Option A:
    Boviet Panels w/ integrated racking solution -

    Option B:
    Canadian Solar Panels - $3.00/watt

    Option C:
    Jinko Panels - $3.00/watt

    Option D:
    LG 335W - $3.33/watt

    Option E:
    Panasonic HIT 330 - $3.58/watt

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    I'd lean towards options B or C. The integrated racking will require more roof penetrations, and probably have less clearance to the roof than a normal l-foot + rack system. If you ever want to replace a panel, conventional racking makes removal and replacement easy, while getting one out from the integrated system looks challenging, to put it mildly.
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      I will defer to sensij as to the racking and install. His post makes sense to me.

      I will post as I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will correct me.

      Personally, I would look at the specs for the panels comparing overall efficiency, temperature co-efficients, power output tolerances, warranties, etc. I won't pretend to know what they mean entirely but look at the numbers and see which panels are best. If you have a question about the specs, post them here.

      Also, you should look at your costs. If you are going to a 330 or 335 watt panel due to space limitations then great. However, if you have the space you will find adding a few panels @ 300w will be cheaper than 27 panels @ 335watt. ie 27 @ 335w is 9045W but an added ~$3000 in cost. 30 @ 300w is only ~ $27k. Only you can determine if the space saved is worth $3k.

      Corrected improper kilowatt to watt conversions.
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        SensiJ knows his stuff. IMO, I would not stress yourself over panel specifications (coefficients, tolerances, etc) unless you are of the technical inclination and make decisions involving minutia. I am of that inclination, most people are not. And I suspect you are not otherwise you would have already done some of that since you have been reviewing our posts here.

        B or C. If you want to spend 10% extra buying name brand, for most probably near the same electricity it will generate as the others, maybe 2% less over the next 10 years, but mostly just buying you your own peace of mind, I would suggest LG. It is your money.

        Good luck!


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          Thanks for the feedback! I do have rooms for more panels and don't want to spend the extra for the premium label. All installers that recommended Sunpower first were immediately moved to the bottom of the list.