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Looking for a 6inch or 8 inch fan

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  • Looking for a 6inch or 8 inch fan

    New to this forum.... lots of good reading... I'm making my first solar heater... .I bought a 6" inline booster fan... and it just doesn't do the job... it said on the box 250 CFM.... at my local big box store I could get an 8" at 500 CFMs... just looking at other options.... and not spending a ton of money.... probably will do sometype of voltage control to adjust fan speed... thanks scott

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    Air can leak from all sorts of places, causing reduced performance.

    Fans are either designed to blow, or suck, and don't like their role reversed. (yes, when you read the tech specs, blades are designed for inlet or outlet)

    And make sure you fan is in the cool air portion, not immersed in HOT air, it will last longer when cool.
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      How long the lines are and bends will make a big difference. The fan is most likely rated with an unrestricted discharge to the atmosphere.


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        Generally speaking, it takes horsepower to do work and the more power you want, the more $ you will spend to buy and power it.

        As Russ said, they are rated in "boosted flow" and "free air" flow.

        The bigger you get, the more air it will move with less restriction and more power requirements.
        I just installed a Radon fan...a 4" unit that draws about 70 watts and rated for about 120 CFM with 1 inch of static will cost a lot compared to the inline booster fan you bought (over $100) but generate some good air velocity in a smaller pipe.

        You could buy a 16" duct fan that will move 1100 CFM free air but will draw 240 watt. Pretty soon you are wasting more $$ to move a tiny amount of BTU than it would cost to simply run electric heat so pay attention to the numbers.
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          Take a look at the Fantec line of inline fans, very efficient, quiet & reliable. A centrifugal fan can overcome more resistance ( static pressure) than a propeller type that are designed for free air or very low static pressures.


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            2 fans inline

            I have to of the fan in line with each other .. wont double air volume but add a lot i run intake with 4 inch blowing in . all on the out i have 2 8 inch in line with each other sunny day will run with all 3 fans from 10 am to 4:30 now.. weeeeeeeee allmost free heat...... panel is 6 x 8