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  • Twist on Solar Heating

    I have a 4 bedroom 2 story in Nebraska

    We have heating/cooling problems in South West upstairs- appears to be duct related, and would cost $$$$ to get to.

    Outside wall is standard siding, minimal insulation. Was originally looking at standard air heating panel, but running into technical issues; namely, windows are sideways sliders, not finding simple way to attach to windows.

    Came up with idea, don't know if sane/possible. What would happen in black material was attached directly to siding? (think blacked foil) This would not require windows, heat would go in same way it leaks out....

    Worth trying/stupid, ways to improve idea?

    Thanks for input

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    Unglazed won't do much if anything. Glazed as you are thinking could present a host of problems including the potential of fire.
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      1) Collection won't be that great with a black wall but it would a little better than a white wall - probably look a bit ugly.

      2) The glazing over the black box is to trap the heat inside - for example a vacuum tube collector is better under cold conditions than a flat plate collector. Vacuum is a good insulator - once the light enters the tube and contacts the collecting surface little escapes back out.

      3) There are perforated metal walls used as collectors - a double wall arrangement where the heat collected flows up between the two plates.


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        [U][I]KISS[/I][/U] Fix or add to the ductwork, or possibly balance the air going to the other part of the house to force more to the problem area.