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DC LED efficiency

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    Originally posted by woundedeagle View Post
    I agree with your point.
    The lighting guy always tell you the LED have 100 Lm/W or even higher, but this is " half true" , they have not told you this data is gethered from the pure LED chips, not from the whole LED fixture!!! The execurate data should be 70-80 Lm/W for bulb, 50-75 Lm/W for spot light.
    the lighting guy will also will also tell you the LED have the life span of 35,000 hours. It's true, but it's under some "condition" such as: the driver is at good quality, the fixture is will good heat dissipation,ext.

    Any way, LED is good for energy saving and good for envioronmnet, but we must know more about it before we let it come into to our life
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