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    Has anyone been having the same trouble with bayonet bulbs that I have?


    I’ve bought a few sets and have had a lot of trouble. What seems like a simple one for one swap has usually turned into an hours long ordeal trying to get the LEDs to work. Overall, I’ve saved quite a bit of amperage that helps my solar build.

    The first set was the wiring polarity in the car was backwards. Apparently auto manufacturers sometimes did not care which way they wired incandescent bulbs because they would provide the same light either way. 18 years later I come along and install LEDs and sure enough the bulbs did not work, but for a small price, I purchased a set of reverse polarity bulbs. Most LEDs I’ve installed are reversible, so I just turn them around and they work, but not so on this.

    I have some LED turn signals, and the tips of the bayonets were not at 12 o’clock and 5 o’clock like the car socket. On the job it was at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Nothing a Drexel could not fix. I wonder how many years the socket I had to trim to to fit the bulb will last.

    Latest was the bulbs I got to replace some incandescents in my RV. The center contact tabs were not as long as the original, and the lights stopped working after several months. I was all set to buy a new lamp to fix this, but took a screwdriver and bent the tabs of the lamps out and it started to work.
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