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Solar powered ac 5watt ledbulbs

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  • Solar powered ac 5watt ledbulbs

    Suppose for a bedroom or kitchen lighting i am satisfied with ac 5 watt ledbulbs and each ledbulb i can turn on using li-ion 18650 and a joule thief , 5v dc-230v ac. Why not using DC bulbs, because its hard to get here. Suppose the daily draw of each above spaces is max: 5 watt ceilinglamp x 5 h = 25 Wh 5 watt exta lamp if needed x 2h = 10 Wh Total max 35 Watt-hours According to info each18650 li-ion 2600-3000Ah can give 9-11Wh+ Becuase wh = wh the voltage does not matter when using a joule thief. (Am i correct here?) Suppose i use a powerbank with 5 li-ons which i daily will charge with a solar panel. I will use a 20Wp panel for each powerbank. Is a 20wp panel enough to cover daily 35Wh as per above? I think 20Wp is more than enough to charge each powerbank 20Wp x 5hours= 100Wh x 70%. Is the above a feasible "solar scenario"?
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