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Solor lighting system for neighboorhood enterance Sign

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    Cottin' Pickin' site won't let me post links so let's try this.

    10w 12v Cree led "fog light" for a car or boat from Amazon. A 12v 100 amp/hr AGM battery will allow you to run that 10 watt light for over 55 hrs (4 long nights) and still be above 50% SOC.
    140+ watts in panels designed for 12v systems. Look for panels with between 17v and 20v VOC.

    For the charge controller on a system this small there is no need for an expensive MPPT type controller. Either get a 20 amp $30 PMW controller (Amazon) or if you really want to do it right get a $83 Midnight Solar Brat controller with temperature sensor. Since the Brat controller has a 10 amp switch built in you may be able to use it control the light. Others here may have experience with the Brat and be able to help with this.

    I'm in N. GA myself. Since I can't post links on this site Mike at Greenpoint Wind and Solar in Blue Ridge is super knowledgeable but usually works on larger systems. All American Solar services in Cumming also may have the panel you need. I doubt Johnny Valentine with Gain Solar in Gainesville will have anything for 12v. You can often find an acceptable panel or two at Amazon along with the connectors needed if you want to run 2 panels in parallel.

    Buy a tiny outdoor box in the garden section at Home Depot.

    After the panel stand and wire figure about $540 for the materials..
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