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LED Bulbs are Solar Powers best freind

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  • LED Bulbs are Solar Powers best freind

    I just wanted to say that I was burning two 15 watt CFL's in a lamp post but replaced them with three 2.8 watt LED bulbs.

    The LED's draw about 1.5a from my batteries at night vs around 5a with the CFL and are just as bright.

    9w / .56pf / .9 = 17.85w / 12v = 1.5a
    32w / .59pf / .9 = 60.26w / 12v = 5a

    (90% efficient inverter)

    I could only burn the CFL's every other night with my limited setup to prevent undercharging my batteries.
    Now, except for days of bad weather I mainly need to watch over-charging.

    Someday I'll get me one of those fancy charge controllers.

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    sunking IIRC told me that leds aren't any better or energy efficient....
    But what if you use 12% and only get 8% energy return not filling a battery completely off the solar array- is this considered a cycle? Mmmmmmm mauh brain's sizzling
    [quote] If a pigeon had his brains it would fly sideways [/quote]