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solar LED lighting for garden

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    Not related to this product in particular, but using solar for landscape lighting generally, I've found it very educational as a 'starter solar system'. Not that I came to that conclusion initially - I had to make all the usual mistakes first.

    What I recommended to a friend recently, who is just getting started, was to pick up a 10watt panel, a small lfp(LifePO4) battery with built in bms, an lfp controller, a watt meter, and a low wattage landscape light (I'm using 10w flood). That way you get to check out solar, gauge your input/output, and have some nice outdoor lighting to boot. Also, you know you won't be 'upgrading' this system - you will start anew, after you do the math, given the watt hours your new system needs.

    I'm using a 6AH bioennopower battery/bms and controller. Interestingly I get very nearly the full capacity (72 Wh) - more than 6 hours with 10w led on days with full sun. I took apart the battery so I can see the innards and test the individual cell voltages.

    If I would have started here I would have saved myself a grand or so, ha! But would not have learned as much (about what not to do :P).


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      [QUOTE=PNjunction;n255622] You may also see them sometimes as "pre-charged". Sanyo / Panasonic Eneloop are the gold standard among us AA nerds.QUOTE]

      I use eneloops for my tv headphones... and in a word their quality...SUCKS... I am on my 3rd set from amazon...the 1st two were sent back..


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        To fix broken dome, open the units up and silicone a little plastic clear panel in front of it to keep the bugs out! Should work just fine...


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          Great thoughts and tips.. Thanks for sharing