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Single panel mounting options for shed?

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  • Single panel mounting options for shed?


    I'm building a small single panel (100w) power system to light up my backyard at night. I live in somewhat remote wooded area so it's a bit scary to walk my dog after dark (bears) . And rather than carrying my super powerful tactical LED light I wanted to build a small solar system. That's practical reason, but I'm also dying to learn about solar system, so that one day I can power my home with grid tied solar system.
    But anyway I'm seeking advice on easy way to mount this single panel to the shed (or near it).
    My options are not restricted, I can probably do a roof mount (shed has asphalt shingles, but I'd like to avoid this option if possible), side mount or maybe even a pole mount. I'd love to go a DIY route unless there are some inexpensive alternatives (I.e. Under $50) as long as I don't have to weld.
    Also would be nice if I can easily remove panel if needed. Wheatherwise I'm in Upstate New York, so we do get snow.
    I already ordered 100w mono panel (Renogy) and, charger and Vmax 125ah agm battery (which might be overkill to run couple 10-20watt LED flood lights, but I might use system in the future to charge phone, run router/modem during power outages). I know I'll need some good wires and probably breaker too. No inverter for now, my lights will be DC but I might get one in the future.
    If you have any advice on system setup I greatly appreciate it, but my main concern now is mounting options

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    Hey, I'm wanting to do something similar. I noticed nobody replied to your thread. Did it work?

    Thanks, RH


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      I see a few things wrong with his system.

      That 125Ah 12volt battery can provide about 300 watt hours or (7 hours of light for 2 x 20watt lights). He could go longer but would be discharging the battery more than 20%.

      That 100 watt panel using a PWM charge controller will get at the most about 5.6amps which is not enough for that 125Ah battery. It will only have a C/22 or 125Ah/5.6A = 22hr. You need something closer to C/10 or about 12 to 14 amps.

      Finally depending on where he mounts that panel he will only get a couple of hours of charging in the Winter which only puts back about 100 watt hours which is 1/3 of what he wants and can easily use every day.

      Suggestion would be to get about 300 watts of panels, a 15A MPPT cc and a 200Ah battery. That system would be marginal for his needs but could still have issues depending on the amount (or lack of) usable sunlight hitting the panel.