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24V solar house lighting system

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  • 24V solar house lighting system

    I made a 24v solar house light system. In South Africa our grid supply is 220V and most globes are a bayonet type. The first thing was to make a 24v globe that would fit in the standard lamp socket. My first globe was a failure because I expected to get a bigger voltage drop from the wiring in a house that was more than 40 years old. My solar voltage was regulated at 28V and my Led’s was for 24V they overheated when I put the lights on in daytime. I had to re design the globes with larger heat sink that worked very well. How my system works. I removed all the globes in the house and replaced them with my 24V led globed. I removed the lights live and neutral wire from the mains and connect them to my controller that’s also connected to the batteries and solar panels I added a power supply that I can switch on if the voltage go low. I have 6 lights on a day night switch that’s on all night. The lights shine brighter than my incandescent globes of a 100W and they cost me nothing. We had lots of rain and cloudy days this past month and I never had to switch the power supply on. Everyone can have free lighting.