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Security Camera LED Project- HELP

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  • Security Camera LED Project- HELP

    Picked up a dead security camera and want to make it appear to be a "live real" camera. My thoughts are to take an LED, 555 timer and a rechargeable AA. I hollowed out the camera and have about a 1.5x1.5x3.5 inch area inside where i can keep the circuit. People I work with have done this and they have to change the battery every 6 months. But I am thinking if i can get a small solar cell to trickle charge the battery I shouldn’t have to climb that ladder to charge the battery for a long time!

    The solar cell could be placed on the top of the camera where it would not be seen from below. I have a 2 x 4 inch area to work with for that.

    What I need to know is:

    What size solar do I need to not over charge a single AA? Would a few calculator solar cells do the trick? I have made a few simple circuits in college but this would be my first electrical project so anyone want to fill me in on how to do this?