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Solar Roof on Roads with Advertisements

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  • Solar Roof on Roads with Advertisements

    Hi All,

    Just need a reviews from Solar Experts about the below thought,

    To implement Solar Energy Everywhere in Very Less & at the Same Time,

    #SolarRoadWithAds - Benefits :-

    1. Solves - Solar Energy (LAND & FUNDs) Issue,
    2. All 3 Sectors (Govt, Private, Public) will be Profited,
    3. NO Subsidy Required for Solar Panels,
    4. Rain Water Harvesting,
    5. Reduces Pollution,
    6. Reduces Road Maintenance Cost,
    7. Transmission losses reduces,
    8. Reduces Road Accidents,
    9. Save Traveling Time,
    10.More Jobs / Reduces Unemployment n Many more...

    Just visit to my blog (Idea) once & let me know the feedback.

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    There is just something about the combination of the words "solar" and "roads" that people just can't resist.
    HEY - there already is a rooftop solar solution and we are fighting everyday to get it affordable for more and more people.
    Why try to do it in a way that is way more expensive?
    BSEE, R11, NABCEP, Chevy BoltEV, >3000kW installed


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      There was a product that someone in the US was working on concerning a solar roadway with integrated signage. I do not know what happened to it or if anyone bought into that technology.

      But IMO any type of solar "panel" that is flat (like a roadway) or can be blocked by shadows (vehicles) would not be very efficient and probably cost many times more than a traditional style pv panel.