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LED power saving upgrade

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  • LED power saving upgrade

    I add a new barn to my property. I want to install the LED power saving lamps. I hope it will help to reduce the energy consumption.
    Also, I'm thinking about the rest lighting. Currently I use HPS in other structures. I want to upgrade it and change for the LED.

    What can you suggest? thanks

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    I counted, I will need these lamps 30 in total.
    I found these wallpacks

    But the total price for all 30 lapms is more than I can afford now. Can you advice something cheaper, but very similar to it?


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      Sadly, it costs money to save money.
      But this must be a huge big barn. This is not an indoor riding ring is it ? My sister has a 20 stall barn, and we had put up about 6, 75W halagon flood lights (common at hardware stores) which put out enough light to walk around in, and toss hay around, but not for reading newspapers.

      With lighting, it's all about beam pattern and placement, if you put the right lights in the wrong place, it won't be suitable.
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        I would make sure it's a 120 deg beam or larger if it's 20' in the air. You thought about doing a solar kit on the roof and running led flood lights out to the different spots you need lighting at? 10 watt led floods are not to bad costs wise. 300 watts of lighting. A 10 watt led flood will give you around 1,000 lumens.