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  • Misouri SREC

    I missed out on the Ameren missouri SREC 10 year prepayment option. They have run out of funds. The buy was at $50/SREC and the proposal for 2013 is $5/SREC. My question is, what the heck do you do with these SREC's, how do you know when you produce them? What happens to them then? Missouri doesn't have a SREC market, however upon digging around i found that apparently they can transfer to NC RETS. This is North Carolina who does have a market.

    Any help to point me in the right direction would be great. Hopefully the energy commision in missouri doesn't approve the $5/SREC proposal and Ameren will have to offer something closer to market value for 2013 and i can just reapply and receive the check for them in 2013.


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    Contact Aggregators like Sol Systems or SRECtrade and they will be best able to help you.
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      Thanks for the reply naptown, but unfortunately they were unable to help me. I guess we can't do anything with them? Anyone else care to chime in?



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        Each year, the SREC market changes. Though, lately, it's gotten worse every year since 2009 as each state's renewable energy standard grows slowly while large solar farms and energy producers put in place large array farms. Even real farmers are outfitting their barn roofs with solar in large scale (20KW to 200KW) and really wipe out the current-day SREC market. In PA, we had SRECs in the 300/ea. range and now under $25/ea. New Jersey had $600/SRECs a couple years ago. In 2018, it looks more promising with the increased requirement:

        2% from 2011 to 2013 (0.04% solar)
        5% from 2014 to 2017 (0.1% solar)
        10% from 2018 to 2020 (0.2% solar)
        15% for 2021 and thereafter (0.3% solar)
        An SREC is simply "counted" after your system outputs 1 MWh of power. That is traded "goodness" - basically power generated from a renewable sorce that power providers must account for to be "greener" every year. Each state is different in terms of SREC market, of course. If you get a government in a state and the power commission is told to raise their renewable standard - then they may boost the SREC market somehow.

        I just installed my own 8KW home system. When I first started planning for this two years ago, the SREC market was about $250/ea. Now, I don't even expect to get more than $20/ea. But the size of the system is much larger for the same input money as late 2009 where a system was usually cost a homeowner about $8/Watt installed and ours is under $5/W now.
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