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  • Wire Gauge Question

    I'm new to solar and I'm having trouble determining what gauge of wire I need to go from the combiner box to the controller I have Sun Electronics panels - 200w, 33.2V Open circuit, and 7.28A. I'm wiring them in 2 series of 3. So the voltage will be 99.6 and the amperage will be at 14.56. The distance from the combiner box to the Outback FM60 is about 120 feet. I'm thinking I'll need either 4, 5, or 6 gauge. Also, this will show my ignorance but, will stranded wire work or does it need to be solid?

    While I'm at it, I should back up. How should I get the pv cables to the combiner box? I was planning on putting the combiner box inside which means putting it about 30 ft from the panels. First off, is that pointless? If not, should I run four separate pv cables (two positive and two negative) and connect them at the combiner box? Or should I reduce to two at the panels and run two to the combiner box?


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    Google voltage drop calculator. follow the instructions there and keep the voltage drop to less than 2%
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    [URL]http://www.calculator.net/voltage-drop-calculator.html[/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)



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      A selection of calculators to choose from -
      1) http://site.devicecraft.com/Applicat...tanceTable.pdf
      2) http://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm
      3) Wire size calculator http://www.freesunpower.com/wire_calc.php
      4) Voltage drop calculator http://www.csgnetwork.com/voltagedropcalc.html
      5) Sizing and protection of conductors http://www.electrical-installation.o...mpaign=Apprima
      USA wire-cable http://www.usawire-cable.com/resources.html


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        And in my .sig is another wire gauge designed for solar PV applications. Just a free reg to download.
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