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  • Simple Panel-->Inverter match question

    Simple question for most of you.

    I have 12X Evergreen 200w panels with these specs:
    • Imp 11.05A
    • Vmp 18.1V
    • Isc 11.8A
    • Voc 22.6V
    Attached to a 2000W Chinese GTI with a current limiter (YES, I understand all of what this is and the issues at hand, it will be located outside, away from the house)

    45V-90V DC Input with from my research 100A maximum

    2X 5 panel strings comes in at Vmp 90.5Vdc or Voc 113Vdc
    3X 4 panel strings comes in at Vmp 72.4Vdc or Voc 90.4Vdc

    Thus my issue is going by Voc, I could go with 3X yet its hitting 90.4Vdc with no room for error.

    Thoughts? besides the inverter issue!

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    No matter what, you will be on the hairy edge. 5 panel string is out of the question.
    3 panel strings seem to be the only viable option. And you will need a combiner box with 4, 15A DC breakers (I'll guess that 15-17A is close to the Max Series Fuse spec.)
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      Such a bummer since I didn’t see that these same units come in a 110Vdc max input version.

      I could also do 4X 3 panel combo at 67.8v. Brings a bit of efficiency loss and increased cabling size/cost.

      I just wanted to use these panels while they were laying around unit I get my real system up on the roof next year.