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  • Grid tie solar and inverter sizing?

    I have 8 panels 225W 36.5V each and 5 panels 305W 45.5V each. Whats the best setup? parallel or series and should i do 225 and 305 separate string?
    Also can you point me to links for grid tie inverter to connect to 120V outlet. Greatly appreciated

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    Hello Merda and welcome to Solar Panel Talk

    First off using an inverter that plugs into a 120v outlet is illegal in the US by code. So the only safe "grid tie" inverter to use would be one that has a UL listing and is approved by both your POCO and AHJ.

    Performing a DIY solar system is ok if you have the experience and knowledge of electrical circuits. You may also have to provide drawings of the installation to get a permit and approval.