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    Originally posted by spockmckoy View Post
    I try to use the search function, but it is definitely lacking..........
    A good alternative to the built-in search function, which I agree is not very good on searching for content, is to use Google search.
    Just add the qualifier [B][/B] to your search string. That will restrict the regular Google search to only pages from this forum site.
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      I did the search as well, and while I got partial answers to some of my questions, I really could not get a FULL answer asking a human would give,
      I have been on 'forums' since 1979, I have run BBS's - Multiline chat systems, Multiline BBs systems (way before Al Gore invented this thing called the internet)
      Been asked the same question 100,000 times, and gave the same answer 100,000 times.
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        I'm kind of surprised by the sense of entitlement of some of the newbie posters here. I respond to a lot of question on another website, and often think that the newbie questions are taking advantage of the crew with asking question which have been gone over over and over and for which they have obviously not done any research.

        On another website, when I see regulars typing out quick responses to the same old question, many times those responses really lack the details that have been expounded in other locations. It doesn't do the newbie any good for partial answers and I'm sure it is numbing for the regulars.

        My response to a newbie question is typically on the terse side. I use it as a gauge to even see if they are listening/reading (which often they are not) and then follow up on the basis of how much self learning and comprehension the seem to have exhibited.

        I don't think there is an spoon feeding entitlement that newbies deserve. I let others spoon feed answers until they get tired. If you can't get something and you are trying that is one thing, but just stomping in and saying I want answers to my questions does not fly.