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    Originally posted by BillSunGen View Post
    I haven't dug in too deep but there may be a way to access (hack) the solaredge data locally:
    Yeah, that is what I meant by the hook and crook and wedge and shimmy I mentioned. Note that it comes crashing down if SE changes the handshake or data format. They then have to reverse engineer and write the code for the changes or you write it yourself if you are inclined. I don't know about you but my hacker days are behind me. At first blush, it seems a bit too unstable for my taste. It may be perfectly fine but...
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      Originally posted by DrLumen

      You are really just ticked because I complemented Bruce and didn't say anything about you. That is
      really what you are upset about isn't it? Come on, it's ok. You can admit it.
      Oh come on, Butch has tons of field experience on all kinds of PV equipment, my hands on experience
      is limited to one system. Bruce Roe