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  • TAZ427

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but I'm still 'restricted' so I can post a new thread as of yet. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a system, and I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything glaringly obvious.

    Location: El Dorado Hills, CA (20miles or so East of Sacramento)

    8.04kW system
    24 - LG 335W NeON 2 (LG335N1C-A5) Panels
    Solar Edge P400 Optimizers
    Solar Edge SE7600H Inverter
    - Production and Consumption Meter included
    Mounting - ProSolar RoofTrac - 6" Standoffs
    Pricing $3.15/W (plus a bit of Marketing incentive to knock it a little lower post Tax Incentive for a final of ~$2/W)

    Panel Location: 16 West (256deg), 5 South (166deg) and 3 East (76deg) - Note, I can only do 5 South w/ Pool Solar Heater located there. While energy production is 12% greater there than West, it's only 5.9% greater in terms of value when Time of use calculations are taken into account. May need to reduce front by 3 (if HOA doesn't approve and if I can't get a fire department variance in it's couple inches of infringement of setback) then that would be pushed to the back.

    As for analysis: I've used PVWatts for hourly projected data for all roof faces (corrected times for Day Light Savings time), pulled my hourly consumption, used the 3 different TOU plans offered (including taking in consideration the 'baseline balance' of one having a discount - Summer (Peak/Off Peak), Winter (Peak/Off Peak)... At current rates I'm at a net positive of $75-$78 (depending on the TOU plan) and another $32 if I shift my pool to run 3 hours earlier (to keep it from infringing on TOU peak times.) So, homework for consumption is done.

    Is there anything here that you think I may have overlooked?

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    I moved your post to it's own thread.