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Enphase microinverter - one keeps misreporting?

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  • Enphase microinverter - one keeps misreporting?

    Hey folks,

    Wondering if anyone has seen this problem with their Enphase microinverters. I have a four year old system, with 16 250W panels, and thus 16 Enphase micro's with Envoy reporting. Everything was working smoothly until about a week ago, when one of the microinverters starts misreporting every morning.

    Starting in the morning, that panel will report a wattage climbing about the same as all the other panels, until about 10-10:30 at about 120-170W. From that point on, either it will stop reporting, or will just report that same wattage the rest of the day until it powers down in the late afternoon. The next morning, it will do the same - start reporting wattage climbing from zero, and then get stuck again. The screenshot shows a recent day where that panel got stuck reporting at around 149W, while the other panels have climbed to 197-200W - it will continue to reports 149W until the end of the day where it loses power.


    I'm pretty sure it's just a reporting issue, and that the panel is producing just fine - because when I back out my consumption in pvoutput, it shows my base load dropping during this time, suggestng there is some production not being reported.

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    Still under warranty I presume ? What did the installer have to say ?


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      I suspected some sort of reporting/communications problem, not actual production problem, so wanted to collect a few days of clean sunny data, where it migtht also be clear from my reports that reverse out consumption from the utility meter. That way I could show the installer some pretty clear data for them to diagnose.

      But three days ago, sure enough, that panel started reporting normally again, so the problem is gone... for now