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  • Solar Water Fountain

    Hello All, I have built my own 4 ft. copper fountain keeping in mind that I will run with solar panel in day time and after sun set or on cloudy days with battery back up. I am new to Solar power and need help wiring or designing simple circuit to run water pump through solar panel in day time and evening or night with battery back up auto switch, which gets charged in sunny day. I bought Solar panel, PWM charge controller and Lead Acid Battery. wired up as per instructions.
    now the issue is pump runs for 3-4 hours only. Seems pump runs on battery only. Controller is not charging battery fast enough for pump to work. I need to charge Battery fully again for the pump to work. How do I wire it right and what else i need to achieve my goal.

    specification as follows.......................

    4 small Solar panel wired in parallel. (Rating for each Module)
    Rated Power 1.25 Watts
    Rated Voltage 13.0 V
    Open Current V 17.0 V
    Rated Current 0.092 AMPS

    PWM ANSELF Charge contoller

    Water Pump 12V DC 3.6 W

    12V 8Ah Lead acid Battery.

    Thank you.