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Energy Conservation, The First Step Towards Solar

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    Originally posted by solarmurals View Post
    Energy conservation is very important because we can take care of mother nature...
    there are many ways to use renewable of the use i think es very Solar has been used for many companies
    because is very cheap and it uses the real power of the nature..we can find everything we need in the nature..
    i share a link where you can see how it works..some solar panels to heat the very good idea..

    [B]Mod note - forget the sales links[/B]
    He was sharing a link to his own site - commonly known as advertising.

    Your solar murals are cute but useless for energy collection - heat transfer requires surface area which the copper tubes inside your windows don't provide enough of.

    Looks nice but they are useless.


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      How did he get back in I banned him yesterday?
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      [URL][/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)



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        What about this scenario

        I to agree that conservation is a good thing but to say it should always be the first step not sure I agree but I do have an open mind and perhaps one of you kind sirs could enlighten my darkened mind. A scenario I commonly come across is that a utility user has a a bill that $300 or more on average a month. With that high of a cost for electricity it's fairly easy (In CA) to acquire solar panels that will offset enough of the bill using financed money (purchase or lease) for less than the current cost for electricity. So current cost for electricity is $300 post solar cost is $280 for example real numbers will vary. None of their own money has been spent and they are now cash positive from day one. They have not changed behaviors or invested any amount of time and money in creating a more efficient lifestyle. They continue to live as I assume they have wanted or maybe use the AC more in the summer. So instead of spending $10-$20 on wrapping the water heater. Why not go solar save twenty dollars in month one then wrap the water heater with the savings. Another common one is switching to a variable speed pump for the pool. Yes the 1 or 2 speed pump guzzles kWhrs but it does work if you could save money with solar in month one then why upgrade a working pump or spend money upgrading? Most upgrades like insulation, windows, buying new appliances, even small improvements like caulking and light bulbs all cost money but measuring their real affect on your electrical cost is difficult do to many factors. How much the heat runs depends on the weather how often the light s are on depends on lifestyle etc... I guess my point is that an intelligent evaluation, education and formulation of a game plan ought to be the first step towards solar. For many people who can't be cash positive in month one conservation will be the best investment of ones time and money but not always. Just in case this is perceived as an assault on the monarchy of solarpaneltalk I have donned my vest and riot shield so fire away. But really am I making any sense or just craziness?


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          Originally posted by offgrid KM View Post
          1) Unplug everything you aren't using at this moment, including washer, dryer, etc. Everything that's plugged in is using some amount of electricity. Even digital clocks, for example, in a guest room where it isn't actually used by anybody very much. Unplug it.
          I think one of those Kill-a-watt gizmos is a great educator. Our partial energy use audit produced some interesting results.
          Clocks: 4W (x2)
          Idle stereo 12w
          Main computer: 65w
          Monitor: 35 w
          Wireless router: 10w

          Living room three-way CFL light: 15/25/35
          Living room accessory LED light: 11

          Desk light (incandescent, three-setting, touch activated): 3w ("off") 13/25/42. Intuitively, it puts out as much light at full as the 11w LED does.

          Just for giggles, I plugged in an old halogen torchiere: 254w/458w

          Freezer: 127w (thought this would be far higher.)

          Laptop: 33 watts charging only/65w charging while on

          Of the above, the beast drawing power the most? The computer/monitor combo which is on for four-five hours a day.
          2 x 240w solar > Midnite Classic 150 > 380 Ah 12v