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  • Suniva Warranty

    Does anyone have any experience with trying to get a warranty replacement from Suniva since they filed for bankruptcy? In less than 2 years since installing 8 out of my 24 panels are showing signs of failing. Thank You.

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    I would not hold my breath.

    In the mean time, how handy are you with a soldering gun? Looks like a fairly simple repair job if you have to DIY. Hiring someone with the skills to remove, repair and reinstall may be another route to take.

    If it was me, I would take down every panel and re solder every joint failing or not and do it as one job. It is only a matter of time until the remaining 16 panels fail.


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      it does seem like something that I could fix, unfortunately, we have such a tall and steep roof (at least for me) that I would need to hire someone to do it and I don't think it'll really be worth it to fix what is currently just a 10% reduction in total production. With local and federal credits/rebates it might even be cheaper to just buy and install all new panels.