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How often does SCE adjust its rates usually?

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  • How often does SCE adjust its rates usually?

    Back in October I realized my spreadsheet wasn't tracking actual rates anymore and figured out it was because SCE had updated their tariffs. In all, it wasn't a huge change (actually very slight decreases for my TOU-D-A schedule). However, I have realized I wasn't tracking again and once again, SCE has updated their tariffs. Only 3 months after the last update. And the turn around from the CPUC is kinda ridiculous - they applied on 12/22 and it was effective 1/1. Was there even any sort of review done?

    This change wasn't so gentle. On peak rates went up 7.38% for summer and 5.58% for winter. Super off peak rates actually went down ~5%. Baseline credit went down almost 11%!!

    I would imagine that SCE is supposed to file new tariffs when they realize they are not appropriate for current business conditions and theoretically the CPUC has to agree with that assessment? How can they slightly lower rates and then 3 months later come back and say, oops, we were totally wrong and and need to jack peak rates up by 7%?

    This seems either like pure incompetence, pure greed, or both.

    BTW - also noticed they introduced two additional TOU rates - "4-8pm" and "5-9pm". Anyone done any sort of analysis on those?

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    For those of us with solar panels and EVs the rate change is probably good. Higher on and off peak means more credit during the day and lower cost at night. I did a quick calculation for the new options and they would be bad in my situation.


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      Not so familiar with SCE, but in PG&E land my perception was about twice a year. However, if I dig into the regulatory section of their website, they actually have historic rates posted going back aways, and the reality appears to be more like 3-6 times a year:

      There is probably a similar page on the SCE website somewhere, required by CPUC.

      Note the 3-6 is not for making seasonal adjustments, such as winter/summer TOU adjustments - those are built into the rates.


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        Thanks wwu1723. SCE has them on their site back to 2001. From my memory keeping a spreadsheet since October 2015 it seems that I have to estimate the rates every new season till I get my bill. I also think they have changed in season once or twice. I am out of town and can check the history of TOU-D-A on my spreadsheet when I get home since I do not feel like working my way through the SCE website.


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          I am finally home. Here is what is in my spreadsheet for TOU-D-A for SCE rates in dollars:
          On peak, Off peak, Super Off peak, Baseline credit
          Starting October 2015
          0.3588, 0.2535, 0.10996, 0.1035
          Starting January 2016
          0.2798, 0.2758, 0.1169, 0.1043
          Starting October 2016
          0.33022, 0.27601, 0.13045, 0.09381
          Starting November 2016
          0.33539, 0.28118, 0.13562, 0.09898
          Starting January 2017
          0.33929, 0.27393, 0.13503, 0.09146

          0.43561, 0.28491, 0.13079, 0.09871
          0.44665, 027766, 0.12986, 0.09107


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            They can change rates at times and frequency pretty much whenever they want, usually 2 - 4 times/yr. for planned adjustments according to whatever CPUC approves. Smaller adjustments can happen most anytime.

            Not much rhyme or reason unless and until know and internalize that CPUC schedules and rate case resolutions drive most all the tariff schedule implementation.