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  • Solar Dissertation Research- Survey

    Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I am a final year BSc Geography student at the University of Southampton.
    I'm currently doing research for my dissertation project titled 'How feasible is the mass implementation of photovoltaic technology in the UK?'.
    My survey is for UK residents that are currently using solar panels for their houses. It only takes 10 minutes to fill in and every completion is really appreciated!

    Link: https://www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/25110

    Many thanks,
    A fellow solar enthusiast.

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    Hello Dan,
    You will find almost none Uk residential grid tied customers around here. Try Renewable Energy Asociation , Microgeneration certification Scheme.
    After the government incentive cut I can tell you for sure 100% that in East Anglia and South East has been a very limited aplications submitted for residential. At the current feed in rate only business customers are motivated as they use the energy from 9 to 5 while open for bussines and export mostly in weekends.
    Actually in the past 3 years , our Co haven't installed a single residential system, all went on warehouses , shops and office buildings. This became a trend more after Paris Sumit. I remember that when the summit was over our energy minister cut all funding for PV and left very little for renewables as a hole. When we saw the OFGEM prices we had a shock. Hence no government grants as they used to be. Any solar PV companies in UK are still solvent because they have other activities or still do bussines with comercial clients. One haze of hope is the new ruling of new homes to be energy eficient . So new builds are going for 1-2 kwp per property. That's comercial as well till the big builder sells to the public. Hope this gives you a idea where the UK residential PV is heading.


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      Hi Raul, apologies for the (very) late reply, but thank you for your input. Would you mind if I quoted some of the points you have made? If so would you be willing to give me a tiny of information about you? Just the name of the company you work for and perhaps your role within that company would suffice if possible? No need for any personal details.
      Thanks anyway, no pressure if you do not feel comfortable sharing this information!