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  • New rates coming for SDG&E

    The CPUC has finally released a proposed decision on the General Rate Case (GRC) Phase II proceeding. This will have a significant impact on all rate plans, including TOU, tiered residential, and commercial plans. Implementation should occur over three releases... Dec 1 2017, July 1 2018, and August 1 2018, with most of the hit occurring in the first two releases.

    My understanding is that formal approval of the GRC Phase II plan is also the trigger at which the full scope of NEM 2.0 will apply... as it stands today, new interconnects can still elect to remain on the tiered plan, and will no longer have that option once the decision is approved.

    I haven't read much of it yet, but can see that the new TOU foundational time periods will be as shown below, if approved as written. It also re-affirms the 5 year grandfathering (from from July 31) for existing residential TOU customers that was decided in D17-01-006, with a hard stop on July 1, 2022, as discussed in another thread here a couple months ago. Non-residential customers will get at least 10 years grandfathering (again, from July 31). TOU.JPG
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