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    Originally posted by Sunking View Post
    I hear you on ROTH. Amazing how many folks who do not know what it is. I have been in since inception since 1998 I think when it started, and have managed to sneak in every dollar possible. Hell my 58 year dog even has one. Best investment I ever made was one of my fist ROTH buys was 1000 sh of AMAZON in 1999 or 2000 for about $4.12 DCA. My biggest regret was not buying into Priceline. Back in 2008 Bought a boatload of F and GE. That one allowed me to retire early and move to Panama. All tax free in ROTH.

    It is a shame our schools do not teach us as children that even a Blue Collar worker that invest 10% of their gross income can retire wealthy by age 50. Not really hard to do and only requires two things. Discipline and Living Below Your Means. Instead our schools teach the exact opposite of no consequences for your actions and use plastic money until you are insolvent and bankrupt. Only way to learn it today is either through your parents and private schools. All it takes is the Discipline to save 10% of your gross earnings and Live Below Your Means. If you want to be in the top 10% is even fairly easy and only requires one more step called Motivation and/or Drive.
    +1. Get ready for the blowback on the post. Somehow I think we hijacked this thread and got it way off topic. Looks like the race is over for a few of us and the rats lost.