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question on 3 dead solaredge p-400 optimizers out of 30 on new install

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  • question on 3 dead solaredge p-400 optimizers out of 30 on new install

    I had a 30 panel system installed and 3 of the panels do not work. When initially turned on two of the panels showed up but produced no power and the third did not pair.The installers came back out and said the optimizers were faulty. They said they ran a voltage test and didn't get anything out of them. The layout is 8 rows total with 6 rows with 4 panels in them and 2 rows with three. All the faulty optimizers are in one on the rows with the 3 panels. This seems strange to me to have 10% defect rate on brand new optimizers and they are all in the some column. Does anyone know what the average defect rate for solaredge optimizers are and will I have problems down the road. I supplied the materials and had a solar company install them so they want $250.00 to swap them out. I think thats fair as long as it is the optimizers and not the installation.
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    it is most likely a wiring issue.
    The physical layout has little to do with the actual wiring and you need at least 8 modules to a string but the physical layout does indicate installer wiring problems
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      Sounds like installer error to me. Optimizers only put out 1V when they are not synced with the inverter. I'm not aware of a "voltage test" that can be performed to verify if they are working.
      Has this installer ever used SolarEdge products before?


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        Yes they only use solaredge products or at least mostly. I've had so many problems with this company. They have one employee who seems to know what he's doing but when he doesn't come to the job site the other two do not seem too knowledgeable. Thanks for your input.