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Thoughts on these quotes? $2.85/W LG vs. $2.60/W Seraphim

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  • Thoughts on these quotes? $2.85/W LG vs. $2.60/W Seraphim

    I have two quotes, but I think I'm ready to pull the trigger! I've been a lurker on the forums for quite a while now...

    I'm in New York State.

    1st Quote that I'm leaning towards:
    28 X LG 320W panels (8,960 kW)
    SolarEdge 10,000 inverter and power optimizers

    $2.85/W = $25536
    immediate $0.40/W discount = $3,584 discount ($21,952)
    Federal 30% tax credit = $7660.8
    State 25% tax credit = $5,000 Max
    Total price after incentives = $9,291.20 ($1.04/W)

    2nd Quote:
    28 X Saraphim Elite 320W panels (coming to distributor July/August - new panel, same size as LG) (8,960 kW)
    SolarEdge 7,600 Inverter and power optimizers

    $2.60/W = $23,296
    Immediate $0.40/W discount = $3,584 discount ($19,712)
    Federal 30% tax credit = $6,988.80
    State 25% tax credit = $5,000 Max
    Total price after incentives = $7723.2 ($0.86/W)

    - I can get the LG 320W installed in the next two months, whereas the Seraphim panel won't be installed until late Summer.
    - The LG installer wants to upgrade me to the 10000 inverter, "In case that tree in the corner comes down and you want to add 4-6 more panels." The tree is an Ash Tree and we're having severe Emerald Ash Bore issues in my area. Likely, that tree will be killed and gone in the next 2-3 years.
    - The Saraphim panel has almost the same dimensions as the LG panel, but researching Seraphim, I can't find much. At $2.85 vs. $2.60, LG seems like the best future-proof brand.
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    LG, because I've heard of them and they are likely to be around in some form in 3 years
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      Seraphim looks a bit shaky/shady to me.


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        that's a really good price for LG...
        I have just signed (NJ) last month for 35 LG 320W, Solaredge 1000. 12.1W system at $3.07.