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Firefighter PV training program and excellent PV bounding/grounding link

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  • Firefighter PV training program and excellent PV bounding/grounding link

    I happen to be a ScoutMaster of a troop and one of the parents is a firefighter and just this week he told me about a free training program he did recently - so I went looking for it and found a link to it on the Mike Holt forums. This is a free training program - no ads - and is designed to help teach the professional firefighter how to identify and shut down PV systems and the caution they need to have with those systems.

    I signed up for the free account and went through the entire training program. I found it to be an excellent program for non-firefighters to understand the point of view of how first responders view PV in relationship to the emergency response process. For those DIY'ers I highly suggest spending the hour or so the entire program takes.

    On a slightly different note, this link is just may be the best writeup on grounding and bonding of PV systems from the code point of view that I have found.
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    There was prior fire fighters PV training course that was written by PV installer that was available free on the web. I gave a ling to the local fire chief. He appreciated it as they are always looking for new training presentations.