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do you need any city permit to install your own solar panels in Texas ?

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    Originally posted by littleharbor View Post
    I have heard of people using Sunny Boy 2500 grid tie inverters with a 220 volt dryer cord plugged into a 220 dryer outlet. Not totally kosher with the POCO but it does work.
    Not totally legal or safe either.
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      What most people seem to forget is that if they decide to install a illegal grid tie system without getting a contract with their POCO that allows them to send power to the grid more than likely they will get charged for any power leaving their home because the meter will consider all power going through it as being purchased by the home owner.

      Now with the chance of being charged for power that is sent to the grid, increasing the chances of causing a fire by using illegal or low quality inverters and getting fined by your POCO for an illegal installation makes me think that saving a few dollars on my electric bill is just not worth the chance of any of the bad side effects that may come out of the issue.


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        Originally posted by sunlar View Post
        Some guy on Ccraigslist selling Solar panels said you can install solar panels yourself without any city permit , all you need to let your HOA and Utility company know. Is this true ?
        I highly doubt that is true. If you are looking to make getting approved a little faster and easier, you should check out permitting documents that you can generate on


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          Originally posted by sunlar View Post
          I am in houston. . if i use a plugged system which is the solar system plugged into a 240 volts outlet. Do i still get permission from the power company ?
          Plug in solar is not legal in USA. If the utility spots it, they will not be amused. They will not be able to approve any plug in solar, as it is not legal
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