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Southern California questions from quotes received

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  • Southern California questions from quotes received

    Hi guys, Just signed up to the forum and have a few questions.

    We use approx 1,600 kwh month so have quotes with 32 panels and up to 38 panels. The quotes range from a high of .23c kwh down to .13c kwh for zero down leases (no escalator). Either LG 315 watt or Sunpower e20/327 panels. I'm getting lower pricing on Sunpower .13c kwh leases vs Sunrun (LG) .15c kwh leases anyone else seeing that? Sunpower actually cheaper with quotes from 3 Sunpower dealers.

    We don't have the tax appetite for a purchase. Anyone know of a way around this so that we may consider a purchase taking full advantage of the fed credit?

    I have zero shading issues but will have panels facing south, west and east due to many roof angles. I've received quotes with m250 microinverters and others with dual SMAs. With the panels facing 3 different ways, would microinverters/optimizers provide the highest overall output vs two strings with TL SMAs?

    Sunpower won't allow microinverters or optimizes on their lease only SMA inverters? Anyone confirm this?

    I've had sales reps tell me I need a panel upgrade and I've had reps say that I don't. Home is built in 2007 (tract home). How can I know for certain? Any easy way to check?

    Some companies want to lay composition shingles beneath panels (removing s-tiles). Others want to use tile hooks and others double flashing. Which is best (leak proof) way for mounting? I'm leak paranoid at this point.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and expertise with me.