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  • Roof Rake

    21 inches of snow and counting this morning. Its been a snowy winter in central Pennsylvania. Anyone have a source and/or suggestions for roof rakes?
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    last week at the hardware store. My sister in Va, lost half her barn roof last night, from the snow load, 20" in Nokesville, still falling. That's why old houses have steep roof pitches.
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      I agree with Mike, a local hardware store is your best bet and the rake itself does not need to be anything special. Technique is important. Start from as close to the ridge as you can safely get and work your way down. Make sure that you do not scrape down to the roof surface itself, which could potentially damage the roof and cause leaks. It is vital to clear the whole roof, and not just the areas above entryways and walkways so that the load on the structure remains balanced.
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        Originally posted by ed2kayak View Post
        21 inches of snow and counting this morning.
        How is that Global Warming thing working out for you?
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          Originally posted by Sunking View Post
          How is that Global Warming thing working out for you?

          It was the global warming thing's effect,
          It just like the movie The day after tomorrow!

          I am at the southern of the country, i gone to tell you that the snow storm will end soon


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            Pool brush works

            I extended a pool brush and pole. I had to reinforce the brush to pole connection with duct tape a few times after and during clearing the Philly area snows about 5x this year so far on a 44 panel 10kv system. Still looking for a method of heating. Any ideas for prevention?


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              This comes up a lot around here, I've been recommending these:

              I have one for my car and its excellent, but to be fair I have no first hand experience using one to clear a roof mounted array. Your mileage may vary, but at least this won't scratch or break your glass.
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                Roof Rake Info

                It looks like this post may be late regarding snow roof rakes and solar panels but the snow will come again this year so i think I will post a complete article here. http://www.roofrake.com offers a 24 foot soft roof rake specifically made for solar panels. That is as long as we make them but should be long enough to get the snow off most roof and reach most solar panels. How far up do you think you need to reach. I am going to start a new thread to learn what lenghts you are looking for. The exact link is http://www.roofrake.com/Productpages/snowpro2.asp