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Inverter discharges batteries when Second inverter causes expert to Grid

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  • Inverter discharges batteries when Second inverter causes expert to Grid

    I have 2.76kw solar array connected to a Sofar Solar HYD 3000-ES inverter with 5kw AMASS GTX200 batteries. I have been running in both Auto and Time of Use mode to make use of off-peak pricing, there is also a CT sensor on the incoming grid supply.

    Last week I had a second power source installed (Hydrogen Fuel Cell) that is outputting about 750w/h. There is no communication between the two power sources. The secondary generator is made by Panasonic.

    My base load is approximately 500 w, If there is solar generation and the second generator is generating, the Sofar inverter reads as zero consumption and an export of about 10w, charges the battery with all the solar generation , in reality the second generator is outputting 750w, I am using 500w and exporting 250w to the grid. As there is no communication between the generators, I cannot expect it to store the power from the second generator.

    Once the solar generation stops, the Sofar inverter continues to read 10w export and zero consumption, again I believe I am exporting 250w to the grid, this is until I create some load such as switch on the kettle. Approximately 2 KW, this sets the utility meter to import to cover the load, the CT reads this and instruct the battery to discharge. when the excess load is over the SOFAR inverter continues to read the import from the grid as 2kw, the battery then discharges, with no load in the house it exports the power to the grid, the CT still picks this up as import and increases the battery discharge to the max, 2.5kw, the inverter reads the consumption as just over 5kw, this continues until the battery is discharged. when discharge although I am exporting the inverter reads the export as import.

    The attached screen shot is when the batter is discharging to the grid and consumption is about 500w and my utility meter is in export

    To reset this reverse in readings I need to switch off the second generator and await solar production to start.

    My initial thoughts were that the inverter is being clever, reading an impossible situation and inverting the CT sensor, I still believe this is partly correct although the issue is within the software on the Sofar Inverter.
    Has anyone seen this before and Is so has it been resolved?


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    I've seen CT's installed backwards, or otherwise improperly.
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      without the second generator the Sofar inverter works as expected, do you still believe it may be wired incorrectly? the arrow is in the direction of import flow. IE on live pointing towards the property. I am happy to invert the cables if the is a possible fix.