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Telsa Solar/Powerwalls vs. Enphase Enpower as Generator Alternative

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    I have Enphase solar and am getting 2 Powerwalls installed. I got a quote for an Enphase storage system but it was significantly more than the Powerwalls. The Powerwalls are AC coupled and will work with most any solar system. The Powerwalls will be cheaper if you can get them installed directly through Tesla vs a 3rd party installer.
    Tesla solar isn't necessarily the best deal. I got a quality solar system installed for a fair amount less than Tesla wanted. You may want to contract the solar installation and Powerwalls separately. I'd get some bids from reputable companies for just solar installation and then ask how much more for storage. Then see if it is worth your trouble to contract Powerwalls and solar separately.

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  • Ampster
    I drive Teslas and have Enphase Inverters. I did have a reservation for a Powerwall with a third party because I wanted to get the California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) rebate. Tesla had used up their rebate allocation and I thought I wanted the rebate. Later I canceled the reservation because I wanted a DIY system without the restraints of the SGIP program.
    Enphase is reportedly a good system but the battery product is fairly new. Tesla has a large user base and constantly is upgrading the firmware with enhancements like they do with my EVs. The reports on Tesla solar are mixed but the Powerwalls have received good reviews.

    You may want to visit the forum to see what users are saying. There may be a similar user forum for Enphase but I have not knowledge. I am somewhat active on the Tesla forum and it has been helpful in knowing how to get the most out of my DIY system. Did I answer your questions?

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  • Telsa Solar/Powerwalls vs. Enphase Enpower as Generator Alternative

    I live in SW Florida (Cape Coral) and just started researching standby generators for hurricane season, which eventually led me to the Powerwalls. I read that South Miami's mayor went off grid for 7 days in a trial run for hurricane season with solar and Powerwalls. I understand Powerwalls, for sustained power outages, is impossible without solar, so here I am. recommend a 15.12 kW system with 4 Powerwalls, but I'm not sure if I have enough roof space left after the pool solar heating panels. The next size down is a 11.34 kW system with 3 Powerwalls, which should fit, but I would rather due 2 Powerwalls (less expensive) if they would be sufficient for off grid use. Also, even if I had enough roof space left, it would be considered Tier II, which requires additional liability insurance.

    After researching the last 12 months of power use, with absolutely no power conservation in place, I used 20,687 kWH. The average, maximum, minimum daily usage was 58 kWH, 113 kWH, and 23 kWH, respectively. This year should be better (long story). I was able to run my entire house without load shedding, including my Trane XV20i 4-ton HVAC (variable system), pool, and well equipment, with the exception of the dryer, range, and hot water heater, on a Honda EU7000is inverter generator rated at 7kW starting and 5.5 kW continuous.

    I am considering financing this project through PACE or Telsa, however that works out. Does a 11.34 kW system seem about right for my power consumption?
    Any idea how long I could expect to power the hose off grid, during hurricane season, without using the dryer, range, or hot water heater?
    With the smaller 11.34 kW system and 3 Powerwalls, even with the incentives, I am looking at $50/month more than my current average electric bill and I am not sure if it will completely offset my bill.
    I understand that Tesla doesn't manufacture PV panels or inverters... can you spec the PV panel and microinverters used?
    Do Telsa employees perform the work, or is it subcontracted out to a local solar installer?
    What made you choose Telsa solar over Enphase, or vise versa?
    I've read some good things about Enphase Enpower...