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StorEdge and LG Battery Firmware levels

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  • StorEdge and LG Battery Firmware levels

    Newbie to solar here...

    Some background: I recently had 24 panels (8.4kWp), StorEdge 7600A, LG battery and Auto-transformer installed at my home in NC. No meter. My installer disappeared after the job was "done," so I have had to learn a lot about the system as fast as I could. I ended up having to fix some of the things the installer did wrong or didn't do at all (some minor and couple of major things). All of the major issues have been fixed and only a few minor issues remain. Now that I'm at least "stable," I wanted to dive into some details and gain some wisdom from the community. This post is about firmware levels...

    My StorEdge Inverter (7600A, w/screen, w/o HD-Wave)
    CPU: 3.2468.0000
    DSP1: 1.0210.1428
    DSP2: 2.0052.0507

    My LG Battery (R15563P3SSEG1, 9.8kWh, HWID:100): DCDC 7.4.8

    The SE web site shows the firmware for StorEdge single phase inverter w/o HD-Wave to be (Version Date October 2019):
    CPU: 3.2525
    DSP1: 1.210.217/1.210.1427
    DSP2: 2.52.515
    LG Battery (LG BMS, ID 100): 1.4.6; (LG DCDC): 5.4.6 or 5.4.8

    I'm not sure how to interpret this, but my guess is as follows:
    1. My CPU firmware is behind at least 1 revision
    2. My DSP1 firmware is ahead at least 1 revision (?!)
    3. My DSP2 firmware is behind at least 1 revision
    3. My LG Battery isn't really matching up with anything that I can see on the SE web site. I'd guess it's not shown on their site? FWIW, I did see a video on YouTube showing the commission of LG Batteries like mine and the firmware versions I observed on the video were closely aligned to what I see on my StorEdge display, and not what I see on the SE web site.

    Question1: Can someone interpret the firmware values?

    As I understand the StorEdge installation process, the installer is supposed to upgrade the firmware immediately after activation of the system. Since activation was done by my (now AWOL) installer in early 2020, I should at least be on the Version Date October 2019 firmware.

    The process to upgrade the firmware seems easy enough from the installation guide, but I'm not really keen on changing things unless there is a reason.

    Question2: Should I upgrade the firmware?

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    FWIW - I contacted SolarEdge about an unrelated issue and they simply "pushed" a firmware update to my Inverter. One thing to note is that while both the CPU and DSP2 were upgraded to the latest, the value for DSP1 remained .1428 and did not revert to .1427...not sure why.