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Orion inverterand enphase battery

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  • Orion inverterand enphase battery

    Hi, l just purchased a house which has a solar system installed. It has 5kw capacity panels and a orion inverter, which l assume is a 4.8kw model, not sure. Couple of questions if l may, l have seen cheap enphase batteries for sale, ones that can connect to the grid. Capacity 1.5kw. 1. Can l hook it an enphase to my current inverter. The reason l am asking is beacause that is all l can afford. 2. Are enphase batteries any good. 3. If they are no good should l replace the inverter, if so, with what. 4. I am too old to get up on the roof to look at the panels to see what they are. Any advice appreciated.

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    What do you want the battery to do?
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      Im new to battery use, l thought they drew solar untl full, then the house used some and the rest went to the grid.


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        How does a battery work?


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          If you are on grid, a battery works by costing you a bunch of $$ and then it wears out, and makes the vendor happy when you buy again. Only in very rare cases, where electricity is very expensive, will a battery break even for it's expense.

          And if you have a battery, you have to have a generator to keep it charged and happy, because the same storm that killed the grid power lines, is still cloudy and your PV is not generating anything. (unless you are a rare case that looses power for a week at a time, several months a year)

          Just get a moderate sized generator and a Transfer Switch for it, and you can keep the beer cool in the fridge if the grid goes down.
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            Thanks mate