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Schneider XW+6848 and MPPT 80 600 settings questions

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  • Schneider XW+6848 and MPPT 80 600 settings questions

    Hello all. So, I'm running 2-XW+6848s with 2-MPPT 80 600 CCs, a combox, 13.4kW array, and a 1430AH FLA battery.

    The battery is a refurbished 24-85-27 GNB battery and the seller told me the voltage settings are:
    Bulk= 59.4
    Absorb= 58.2
    Float= 54.0
    EQ= 63.0

    So i changed the settings in the 6848 and they took just fine. I cant change those settings in the CCs. So it sticks to the factory settings of:
    Bulk= 57.6
    Absorb= 57.6
    Float= 54.0

    It's using the settings in the CCs and not the 6848s. Why cant I change those settings? Why doesn" the Master inverter dictate charge voltages and profiles to the CCs? Am I missing something?

    Another question is why won't the system drive to full out put when the grid support voltage is set above the EQ voltage as suggested in the manual. When I follow those instructions the system does exactly what it says it will but clips the solar output to ~5kW once the battery is in float. If I drop the grid support voltage to 49.5 during a bright sunny day with the battery in float I've had it hold ~9kW for several hours. ~8kW is what i expected the equipment to produce at full tilt, so when i managed to get a little over 9kW i was pleasantly surprised. Why does it clip the array to ~5kW? the attached screenshot shows the difference of changing nothing but the grid supply voltage from 65v to 49.5v with direct light, although not at apex, notice time of day. After 2 minutes I changed it back. Clouds are spotty today and if the GSV is at 49.5 when a cloud passes over it sells power to the grid from the battery. I want it to never use from the battery while generating power regardless of GSV setting. I want it to run the battery through a complete charge cycle without interruption once it starts, no matter the solar output. Make the battery the priority during daylight hours and run from the grid or solar during that time. I'd like to tie the battery directly to solar output so that as long as there is output from the solar array, the battery is charged, using the grid if necessary, to maintain a perfect charge profile and maintain it in float until the array drops below cutoff voltage for the CCs. Are there settings to do that?

    Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 11.06.16 AM.png

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    I have the same gear but also with a generator. The settings in the XW6848 are for when the generator is used, the settings from the CCs are for when solar panels are used. That's why they are different. You can change them from the SCP by entering in advanced mode or from the Combox. Also make sure you adjust your battery bank capacity vs. 2% Ah cut-off from absorb to float based on your battery specs. The 2% is hardcoded on the CCs, you can't change that so if you want to switch from float to absorb when you reach 1% Ah of your rated battery capacity, you must set the battery bank to 50% of its true size. I learned that the hard way last year and it sulfated my Rolls batteries a bit.