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Hybrid Grid Connected and Off Grid System - Even possible at all?

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  • Hybrid Grid Connected and Off Grid System - Even possible at all?


    I am considering to install in my house solar panels coupled to a SMA Sunny Island 8.0H with Lithium batteries.

    As the place is considerably windy I was thinking if I could also take advantage of it and harvest some of the wind. The options I have been looking at are small wind turbines that work with 24 DC.

    As the SMA setup uses AC coupling and no grid inverter exists for such small turbines I am considering the design below.

    What I am not sure is if this would work at all.

    Would the Victron Inverter extract juice from the batteries into the home grid when there is demand in grid that is not being supplied by the SMA or the public grid?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I will just say that is very complex and I can't imagine it working well.
    You do not want to use gell batteries, AGM maybe but not gell.
    You have the turbin connected to a "charger and inverter". Are you sure it is also an inverter?
    This gives you 3 or four inverter when you could do it with one inverter if you did it DC coupled with outback or other bimodal inverter
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      Sorry for not explaining myself well . The turbine produces AC 3 phase so we need an AC to DC inverter to charge the batteries.

      So the best option then is to install a bigger wind turbine and use grid connected inverter, right?


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        An inverter only goes from DC to AC. A device that charges a battery from AC is a battery charger not an inverter.
        You can go with a radian from outback and add the wind battery charger into the mix DC coupled, and mppt charge controllers for solar. Gives you only one inverter

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      The SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Island are designed to work together to prevent the PV-fed SB from trying to drive power back into a generator or inverter.
      Almost 100% certain that the Victron unit does not participate in that control scheme. The results will not be pleasant.

      An inverter is generally accepted as producing AC out, one way or another. A wild AC to regulated DC converter would simply be a charger or charge controller in my book.

      Is the Phoenix designed as a standalone inverter, a GTI or a hybrid?
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        Scrap the sunny island , just have a look at victron hub 4 schematics, and replace the boy with a fronius ig plus then you can even limit export to the grid for max self consumption.


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          OK, thanks for the inputs. The issue with Victron Hub 4 is that it has less compatibility with lithium batteries.


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            HUB 4 is the system , chose the components accordingly , Lynx ion(bms) works with multiplus or quarto via colour control gx


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              What is your goal for the batteries? do you have weekly or monthly blackouts ?
              Batteries add a huge level of complexity and maintenance to a simple PV system. Adding 2 kinds of batteries is nuts

              Wind - most places humans will live, do not have enough wind to be worthwhile. More feasible if you have a crane or cherry picker that can get you up to the turbine for annual maintenance & repairs

              Can you meet your grid down needs with a inexpensive generator and preserved gas or diesel ? 1/5th the price of batteries
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                The issue is basically cost. Here we do not have net metering and electricity sold to the grid is like 2 cents and purchased at 25 cents.


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                  I realize this is an old post, but I just joined the forum and wanted to add this. Ginlong makes a hybrid Wind & PV inverter that might meet your needs. Let me know if this helps:

                  ginlong DOT com/en/Wind_PV_Hybrid_Inverter.html
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