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800w solar setup

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  • 800w solar setup

    Hello guys,

    My 1St post here and I appreciate all help and feedback for the setup I finished today. What I have is the following:
    - 8pc poly 100w panels 12v each connected in parallel so total 12v and 800w
    - Charge controller and inverter of 1000Kva
    - 10pc12v 66Ah sealed liquid acid batteries connected in parallel so 12v and 1000Ah bank

    My questions here, and based that I'm in Dubai so we have at least 11 hours of sun on yearly average and the efficiency of the inverter/charge controller is 95%

    What do I need to change/upgrade to optimise this setup? More panels? Or more batteries? The inverter and charge Controller takes only 12v pv input. The aim here is to run some energy saving lights during night and maybe a half ton ac for the dog house...

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    Any replies?


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      You have a million watt inverter, or 1000KW, or 1000Kva? Bruce Roe

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    Did you do any reading/research here on SPT "Solar panel talk"before building this?


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      I've done some reading and research but not here on SPT, that's where I feel the system is not optimized and something is not matching...I just can't figure out what


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        you need to read up in the "Off grid" and "battery" sections, you will discover where you went wrong and you will find suggestions of remedy, but you are in a bad situation having purchased the wrong batteries and lack of an MPPT controller. You built this stuck in side of a twelve volt box.


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          Thanks Logan5, this whole system is my 1st to experiment with, so no big deal what I purchased wrong rather than to figure out what I can do to fix it, I went with the PWM because of the excessive heat in this region, now to effectively charge the 10 batteries, what would be the best scenario? Making to 2 parallel banks (each five) and connecting them then in series? Or keeping the array as 10 pic connected in parallel and keeping 12v? I can also change / add more panels and or alternatively change the inverter/charge controller? My ultimate goal once I get grip of how this best work, Would be 25kw system with Tesla powerwalls. Thanks again


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            I assume the half ton Air conditioning unit for dog house, is human sleeping box? what is this?


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              usable solar charging hours are not the same as daylight hours. I doubt you get more than 6 usable hours in summer (9am-3pm) After that, atmospheric losses reduce the power you can harvest
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