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Inflated solar power monitoring?

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  • Inflated solar power monitoring?

    A local public building on line solar monitoring doesn't seem right to me.
    The on line monitoring shows 12.4kWp installed, nameplate installed is 18.3kWp
    Annual power 14300kWh
    Using 12.4kWp installed suggests 1154kWh/kw, better than all other local systems
    Using 18.3kWp " " 781kWh/kw worse than all other local systems
    I ask the dealer installer and he tells me its a different way to measure power, something about AC vs DC?
    Anyone using this data for comparisons is fooled in my estimation. Is there any explanation to support this variation?
    The dealer did install on two other public buildings one is using actual nameplate it faces south
    Another was showing 24.8kWh panels face E and W nameplate is over 40kW installed. With difficulty and questioning I believe I was able to
    get this changed to show actual 40kW installed. Now it too goes from one of the best local systems to the worst.
    What is going on here?

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    12.4 kW might be the inverter size(s).
    18.3 may be the total array STC wattage.
    14,300 kWh looks like the annual system energy production.


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      Will SMA inverter serial no.s tell the size of inverters? one is MCT4WE2USFCQV47N another MCT4WUV6X5SFAJLNW4L9 on another building we have SMA 1990049860 HYGESUWDEK977DL and SMA1990049818 MCT4WE2USFCQV47N On peak sunny days the power is clipped. I am told this is actually better value?


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        The Spec sheet for the solar panels shows PTC for these panels would come out to 16.7kWp. So how did they come up with 12.4kWp installed shown on line monitoring while
        nameplate would be 18.3kWp? The dealer did this for two grant money installed systems on public buildings. Making them look better than all local systems but using actual these are the worst local systems. I am suspicious of what was installed being of quality, why won't this dealer change this?