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Photovoltaic Geographical Information System

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  • Photovoltaic Geographical Information System

    Hi Forum users.
    Whilst researching solar power stuff, i came across a useful site, for those members in Europe at least.(and parts of Africa)
    The site has two similar systems.(both links below).
    Basically it allows you to input your solar system (grid tie or off grid), and give you the expected output of it during the year for your location.
    It has an interactive map where you can set your location. Using various meteorological data, and the orientation of your panels, it provides a graphical and data set of monthly or daily figures in kw/h.
    The data it uses is gathered from satellite data and ground measurements.
    The site is provided by the European dept. of solar energy, and is free to access.

    (As it also gives the amount of sun hours, you could, i suppose, use it to plan your next holiday in the sun!)

    (I hope i am permitted to add the links moderators??)


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    Some calculational differences in the algorithms but the output format looks similar to what NREL has w/ PVWatts or SAM, both of which can be used for many worldwide locations.