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Reselling Used Panels / Systems?

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  • Reselling Used Panels / Systems?

    Anyone know if there are used panel brokers or EPCs that will buy panels 1-2 years old, or even entire systems including racking, components and inverter? And what percentage of their purchased cost do they generally go for?

    Finally, does anyone know what would happen to our ITC - does it just get prorated? Appreciate the advice.

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    Not sure about your area but here in So. Cal there are people on Craigslist that buy used systems, or you could advertise it yourself there as well. Used electrical equipment is tricky being that the warranty, if there still is one is probably useless to secondary buyers Depending on condition and age you might be able to get possibly 50% of the original cost. Keep in mind that, in the end, it's only worth what the buyer is willing to bay.
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      There isn't much of a US market for used equipment as what drives PV installations are tax credits or special depreciation which both require the use of new modules. The racking is generally not completely reusable as it generally needs to be specifically designed for the location. Sure folks can ask anything they want for used gear but IMO 50% is real optimistic. The panels do have value but keep in mind there are hundreds of different sizes and configurations, most folks would want identical panels for reuse, so anyone buying them would need to inventory them separately. I think you would have a tough time getting much for used micro inverters as I don't think the warranty's are transferable between installations.

      The best shot is put the system on craigslist and hope someone nearby is looking for the same size system. Subtract the 30% tax credit and cut the price in half might be more reasonable if you are willing to take it down for the buyer after they buy it . By the way it will sell quicker if you leave it in place so the buyer can see its complete and working . If you take it down a potential buyer is going to offer you less as they cant confirm that everything is there and functional. Sun Electronics has used panels at 0.37 a watt (plus shipping). I would expect optimistically 25% of new minus an installation or removal costs is probably a starting point but what is you get is highly dependent on how much of rush you are in to sell them.

      I have heard of folks getting great cash deals from homeowners whose homes were up for foreclosure during the housing finance crisis, they were going to lose the house anyhow so whoever showed up with cash got the system. I also expect a few leased systems also got sold that way.


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        Last time I checked, tax credits are good for new equipment only.