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    Hello guys,

    Could anybody check whether my selection of solar panel correct or not?

    Lamp consumption
    Lamp voltage=100W
    Daily operating hours = 9 hrs (only work at night)
    Autonomy days = 2 days (last 2 days with no sun/rainy days)

    Battery Sizing (24V)
    Total watt hour per day = 100Wx9hrs = 900Whrs/day
    2 days autonomy = 1800Whrs
    Account battery loss 15% = 1800/0.85 = 2117.6Whrs
    Account deep discharge 40% = 2117.6/0.6 = 3529.4Whrs
    Required Battery size = 3529.4Whrs/24V = 147Ahr ~ select 2pcs of 12V 150Ah battery connect in series

    Solar Panel selection
    Total watt hour per day = 900Whrs/day
    (here i am not very sure should I multiply 2 autonomy days or not, because I saw a few sites they didn't include the autonomy days in their calculation for solar panel)

    Account for system efficiency 80% = 900Whrs/0.8 = 1125Whrs
    Daily Sun hours (insolation at my location) = 4.17hrs
    Required panel Wattpeak = 1125Whrs/4.17hrs = 270Wp ~ select 2 pcs of 140Wp solar panel (but i am not sure if solely choose from the catalogue Wp correct or not)

    I am not sure whether have to take into account of the Vmp and Imp when selecting solar panel and whether to connect it to series/parallel. Should I calculate the current?

    I appreciate if you guys could give me some feedback or guidance on this. Sorry that I'm not very good in electrical stuff.

    Thank you.
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