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Solar Calculator's some options

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  • Solar Calculator's some options

    Hi All, Solar calculators come in two types (very generally speaking) one will estimate the system size and cost based on your electricity bill. The other will be more about what a solar pv system will produce (kWh) in a particular location. So here they are;

    If you want to use a calculator more like the first example and want that estimate followed up by a real solar installer use this calculator (site sponsor) it is a good place to start your solar journey.

    If you want to play around with what a system will produce in a given area you might want to try this one (non site sponsor no follow up) but only deals in system production not size estimate or price estimate.

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    Off Grid solar calculator.

    So if your interested in off-grid solar click on the link below and read up in the stickie posts at the top of the page.